As a busy construction Company, we rely on the strength of a professional accounting firm to keep us up to date with the latest changes to taxation, accounting, superannuation and all other matters relevant to our industry.

The team at Maroulis & Co provide us with prompt, efficient service and in particular, Peter Maroulis’s knowledge and assistance has been, and continues to be, of great value with respect to our accounting and taxation needs.

Sam Russo & Sam Magazzu


 Running a take away business as a husband and wife team, we have relied heavily on the expertise and attention to detail of Peter Maroulis and his staff. We have really appreciated their personalized service and the common sense advice which has helped optimize our business and personal strategies. Unlike some of the big accounting firms in the city, we have especially appreciated Maroulis & Co’s prompt and cost-efficient service.

John & Rose Houndalas


 I have had a very happy association with Peter Maroulis through friendship and business for over 12 years. During this time Peter’s skills as a Chartered Accountant has helped partner our business to success keeping us up to date with the latest in legislation and management accounting issues.

Peter has shown an ability to learn and understand our industry, supplying solutions to problem areas allowing our business to function more efficiently and profitably.

Maroulis & Co is a progressive firm who are accessible and readily available for discussions associated with the operation of our business and investment strategies. They have played an integral role in developing our business and financial affairs.

Their friendly and courteous staff provides excellent customer service making dealing with the annoying everyday problems that arise so much easier to manage and therefore ensuring improved profitability and maximised returns.

We have enjoyed and continue to enjoy a fantastic rapport with Staff members. We look forward to their continued support as well as a successful working relationship and friendship with Peter.

Ross Faucett


 Working with Maroulis & Co could not be easier. I have been a satisfied client over the past 15 years and the turn-around time for my taxes has been excellent. The communication, guidance, advice and instructions have been excellent. The office has been very good about providing reminders to submit information, giving updates as to the status of the process and instructing me what to do with the return once it has been completed. I have been late in providing information at times, but Peter Maroulis and his crew has been remarkable in preparing the tax returns quickly and without complaint. I have great confidence in the firm and its expertise with my specific tax matters as well as other tax related material and have not hesitated to recommend Peter Maroulis & Co to other professional and business people I know.

Michael Alevras


 I love the way they work. Their instructions are always clear to follow. For the past 26 years, Maroulis & Co has always maintained a professional approach with rapid turnaround time for taxes and questions. I have strong confidence and trustworthiness in the Maroulis firm. I never had a problem with my taxes. I have been well taken care of, better than all the prior tax agents I have worked with. I am extremely happy.

Alan Davidson


 Who has the tough nature to burro through my paper work?

Who has the endurance to answer and handle my call when I am under pressure?

Who has the skills to prepare and know what the tax benefits the ATO provides?

Who has the self esteem to stand up when tough times change my path in life?

Peter Maroulis, Melissa, Yvonne, Theo and over 30 years of staff and experience can!

I trust Peter Maroulis; he is my friend and my Accountant

Thanks Peter

The Pizza Bar (client)

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